June 112022

Days to Race 345

Breast Intentions

Captain: Sophie Pitts
Phone: 9072504235
Email: sophie.pitts@imagingak.com

18 team members, plus 4 additional donors. Total donations : $2,281.00


Rhiannon Ambrosio-Stokes
Angela Balos
Carolyn Brodin
Jessica Cole
Mary Cole
Julia Essman
Rorie Hammel
Jody Jenkins
Stacy Kelley
Dinah Merrill
Karen O'Steen
Brittany O'Steen, M.D.
Abigail Osborn
Tiffany Osborn
Elaine Pigman
Sophie Pitts
Aria Rice
Beth Wickersham.

Our Goal $500.00 $2281

Congratulations!! We have exceeded our goal!