June 112022

Days to Race 196

Girdwood's Breast Intentions

Captain: Ashley Wade
Phone: (not published)
Email: awade@fourvalleys.org

35 team members, plus 5 additional donors. Total donations : $1,405.00


Melissa Black
Eryn Boone
Shannon Dierks
Maggie Donnelly
Heather Durtschi
Erin Eker
Anna Fleming
Molly Hickox
Lin Hinderman
Charla Hughes
Julie Johnson
Julie Jonas
Becky Jones
Shawn Kennedy
Jill Kohler
Jill Krueger
Sue Lelevier
Jody Liddicoat
Sue Liebner
Hilary MacDonald
Rebecca Marinelli
Jennifer McCombs
CeCe Mendonsa
Catherine Moncrieff
Shannon O'Brien
Lauren Rice
Beks Rumley
Beks Rumley
Savonna Rygh
B Sullivan
Heather Szundy
Ashley Wade
cynthia wilson
Melissa Wuerth
Karen Zaccaro

Our Goal $5000.00 $1405

We are 28% of the way to reaching our goal!