June 072025

Days to Race 329

Let Every Woman Know

Captain: Marcy Ash
Phone: 9073317742
Email: leteverywomanknow@gmail.com

23 team members, plus 2 additional donors. 3 states represented. Total donations : $1,139.58


Heidi Barnwell
Elizabeth Barry
Jessica Barry
Tiffany Briggs
Elva Cerda
Carol Dalley Bacon
Doreen Dropik
Mary Rita Ely
Tessa Ely
Maiken Erickson
Janet Fales
Jessica Guild
Colleen Handel
sierra herron
Carol Histand
Mimi Hogan
Mauri Long
Lydia Mack
Sammy Mack
Marissa Neill
Lisa Oakley
Ann Rappoport
Kayla Tomlinson

Our Goal $2000.00 $1139.58

We are 57% of the way to reaching our goal!