June 072025

Days to Race 329

Medical Park Family Care

Captain: Gabriella Simmons
Phone: 9074444395
Email: gsimmons@mpfcak.com

17 team members, plus 36 additional donors. 1 state represented. Total donations : $2,620.99


Erblina Cani
Alla Coursey
Klea Demiri
Olivia Gaskins
Kylie Hughes
Peggy Jesse
Lani Kitiona
Paqize Koci
Kayla Mason
Carrie Morgan
Kiomara Naranjo
Sylvia Okuley
mayra peterson
Melissa Roberts
Gabriella Simmons
Linda Smith
Annabell Taliau

Our Goal $2000.00 $2620.99

Congratulations!! We have exceeded our goal!