June 072025

Days to Race 329

Girdwood Breast Intentions

Captain: Beks Rumley & Briana Sullivan
Phone: 9073177553
Email: brumley@fourvalleys.org

20 team members, plus 13 additional donors. 1 state represented. Total donations : $1,247.36


Sarah Andrews
Wendy Beaubien
Hannah Chandler
Heather Durtschi
Donna Knutson
Marguerite Leeds
Cary Lukes
Carol Makar
Linda Mankoff
Mariyam Medovaya
Suzanne Niemi
Kathleen Peters
Beks Rumley
Theresa Sabo
Serenity Silva
Alice Simmons
Amy Stone
B Sullivan
Michelle Weston
Nancy Wozencraft

Our Goal $1000.00 $1247.36

Congratulations!! We have exceeded our goal!