June 072025

Days to Race 329

Delta Divas

Captain: Dolly Angstman
Phone: (not published)
Email: (not published)

28 team members, plus 12 additional donors. 6 states represented. Total donations : $1,991.58


Elizabeth Aarons
Mel Almond
Cindy Andrecheck
Dolly Angstman
Sarah Angstman
Suzanne Angstman
Kathy Baldwin
Pauline Boratko
Pauline Boratko
Tirza Cannon
Diana Haecker
Susan Herron
Beverly A Hoffman
Jill Hoffman
Berntina King
Jazzmin LaValle
Casey McDonald
Joannie Miller
Carmen Murat
Lisa Nelson
Connie Peterson
Kelly Ryan
Connie Sankwich
Tristi Sogi-Myers
Amber Thomas
Judy Wasierski
RoseMary Wells

Our Goal $2000.00 $1991.58

We are 100% of the way to reaching our goal!