June 072025

Days to Race 323

Team Glittericious

Captain: Patty Clem
Phone: (not published)
Email: (not published)

22 team members, plus 10 additional donors. 2 states represented. Total donations : $1,327.47


Nikki Acena
Sarah Albano
Lois Brabson
Jan Brandt
Jennifer Buchanan
Hazel Jean Cadavez
Patty Clem
Lindy Davis
Brianna Francione
McKenna Francione
Sue Fredrick
Ruth Galang
Danie Hesson
Christin MacInnis
Thelma Marotti
Brittany Nerland
Meg Paulson
Emily Peterson
Suzie Peterson
Kinlee Ryder
Kristen Ryder
Marsha Williams

Our Goal $600.00 $1327.47

Congratulations!! We have exceeded our goal!