June 072025

Days to Race 329

Alaska Scud Runners

Captain: Moe McGee
Phone: 2089141725
Email: mcgeemh@yahoo.com

18 team members, plus 1 additional donors. 5 states represented. Total donations : $685.26


Els Brady
Paula Casperson
Valerie Edwards
Susan Elliott
Kate Gordon
Nancy Gordon
Kathleen Keusenkothen
Karen Laing
Nina Malyshev
Mary (Moe) McGee
Molly McGee
Barbara McGee Strauss
Deb Periman
Katherine Prussian
Pamela Sacco
Suzanne Sauerteig
Donna Spina-Helmholz
Susan Sporl

Our Goal $350.00 $685.26

Congratulations!! We have exceeded our goal!