June 082024

Days to Race 251

Online Registration


We have moved the ability to create a team outside of the registration process.

This will give team captains the ability to create their own team, manage their contact info themselves, and add and remove registrants to their team.

Click here, if you are a team captain, and would like to create a team for the 2023 Alaska Run for Women.

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Team Name Team Captain Email
2023 Golf Divas Judith Crotty (not published) Details
A Bunch of Girls Jamie Lang jamielangak@gmail.com Details
ACAT's Badass Mamacitas ashlyn johnson ashlyn@akaction.org Details
Adventurous Women Gayle Schuh dreamchasers25@gmail.com Details
AFFA Corazon Delara ccmdel@aol.com Details
Affinityfilms, Inc. Mary Katzke marykatzke@gci.net Details
Alaska Airlines- The Milk Run KC Hostetler kc.hostetler@alaskaair.com Details
Alaska Collection goes pink! Elizabeth Serrano Eserrano@pursuitcollection.com Details
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Mutts for Mammaries Maija Doggett maija.rhode@gmail.com Details
Alaska Family Sarah Williams alaskasarah82@gmail.com Details
Alaska Pacific University Ammie Tremblay atremblay@alaskapacific.edu Details
Alaska Regional Code Pink! Brenda Naliboff (not published) Details
Alaska Scud Runners Moe McGee mcgeemh@yahoo.com Details
Alaska VA La Wana Latin (not published) Details
Alison Walsh Rosa Rider info@polarbeardental.com Details
All Life is Yoga Mary McCormick Mary@alllifeisyoga.org Details
All Pain, No Gains April Alvarez aprilalvarez24@gmail.com Details
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Xi Psi Omega Chapter Iesha Jones (not published) Details
Amber Lee Wilmink Amber Wilmink (not published) Details
Anchorage Womens Clinic Charissa Meredith cmeredith@awcp.net Details
Angie Jensen Angie Jensen jensenangie@hotmail.com Details
APIA Run for Life Team Trina Deuber trinad@apiai.org Details
Areola Borealis Lauren Craft (not published) Details
ARG Industrial Karoline Geerdes finance@alaskarubbergroup.com Details
BCA SugarBabes Stephanie (not published) Details
BeachwalkersIV Margaret Lau mlau@xyz.net Details
Berry Breast Team Nicole Knight (not published) Details
BHBC Boxers Sandy Koser skoser@bhb.com Details
BHWC Wellness is within Me Jolene Firmin (not published) Details
Blue Footed Boobies Karen Benning (not published) Details
Boat's Beauties Michelle Collins cmcol98@gmail.com Details
Bold and Beautiful Gretchen Klein gretchen.klein48@gmail.com Details
Boobie Brigade Cady Williams (not published) Details
Book Babes & Breast Friends Maria Bakic mariabakic@yahoo.com Details
Bosom Buddies Jocelyn Smith jocelynsmith10@icloud.com Details
Breast Friends Luriam (not published) Details
Breast Friends For life Shannon Harris shannon.harris@umialik.com Details
Breast Friends Forever Carol Butler carolbutlerak@gmail.com Details
Breast Intentions Rachel Lukawitz writersblock77@gmail.com Details
Brewbies Elizabeth Greer eagreer2001@yahoo.com Details
Bulaklakeras Maui Brunson (not published) Details
Calista Chicas Anne Green anne.green@nordic-calista.com Details
Cancer Crushers Amanda Disman Adisman200@yahoo.com Details
Cancer is a BEECH Marleena Merchant marleena.merchant@aceaircargo.com Details
Capes Against Cancer Renee Henry (not published) Details
Carrs Safeway Team Jodi Gongora Jodi.gongora@safeway.com Details
Case Ranch Mooooovers Mary Hacker mhhacker@gmail.com Details
Catholic Social Services Rachel Smithson rsmithson@cssalaska.org Details
Christopher’s Angels Lisa Marcinek Lisamarcinek@mtaonline.net Details
Chugach Alaska Corporation Angie Astle & Tammy Morton-Bilak & Chugach Team aastle@chugach.com Details
Cindy and Vic's Sassy Striders Cindy Hensley Cindy@cindyandvics.com Details
Cleavage CReW Wendy Novak wnovak@crweng.com Details
Coffee Momma's Ashley Martin (not published) Details
Colaska One Team Joana Paris iparis@colaska.com Details
ConocoPhillips High Octane Sanjana Greenhill sanjanagreenhill@gmail.com Details
Coven of Crones Peg Banks (not published) Details
Crows for a Caws Mary Ann Renkert maalaska@yahoo.com Details
Dana’s Squad Romina Gonzales (not published) Details
Denali Obgyn Dorothy Roa Dorothyr@denaliobgyn.com Details
Department of Health Christy Lawton christy.lawton@alaska.gov Details
Disaster Divas Michelle Torres justcanoes@gmail.com Details
DKG Divas Mary Vaught msvaught@gci.net Details
Doyon Allison Walling awalling@doyondrilling.com Details
Each Step Counts Karen Voris eravoris@mtaonline.net Details
Eagle River Dental Sheree Wilson (not published) Details
Easterseals Rack Pack V Gutierrez-Osborne vgosborne@easterseals-ak.org Details
Envision La Vida Beysi collantebeysi26@yahoo.com Details
Family Matters Alison (not published) Details
Fight Like a Woman Melissa Drake ak.mdrake@gmail.com Details
Flat and Fabulous Pam Wicks (not published) Details
Flaunting Beauties Tammie Robertson (not published) Details
Flocking Flamingos Patti Hohner bhohner@aol.com Details
FNBA-Shape Your Tomorrow Gerri Tokar-Hines (not published) Details
Georgi’s Girls & Mo’s HOs & Becky’s Babes Bonnie (not published) Details
Gerri's Girls Diane Frank mdfrank@gci.net Details
Girl Scout Troop 1138- Bear Valley Heather Wilson (not published) Details
Girl Scouts of Alaska Julie Dodds Development@girlscoutsalaska.org Details
Golden Girls Amy amyapineru6880@gmail.com Details
Hakuna Ma Tatas Melissa Fall melissatramp8@gmail.com Details
HDRunners & Walkers Anna Kohl anna.kohl@hdrinc.com Details
Heather Wilson Heather Wilson heatherwilsonflint@gmail.com Details
High Voltage Candace Strandberg hr@chugachelectric.com Details
Home Instead Jayme Carr jayme.carr@homeinstead.com Details
Hot Flashers Gaylee Newbold jjngnewbold@hotmail.com Details
Hot Pink Malia Texeira Maliatexeira@yahoo.com Details
Imaging Associates Jasmine Schill jasmine.schill@imagingak.com Details
Irina Svetlana Arndt lanochka.arndt@gmail.com Details
Jazzercise Anchorage Kathy Freeman jazzerciseanchorage@gmail.com Details
Jazzy Jaywalkers Kathy Wisthoff (not published) Details
Joyful Cruisers Tara Orley sorenorley@gci.net Details
Joyful Women Nancy Hemsath nancyhemsath@gmail.com Details
Just Kids Dental Dames Heidi Ostby (not published) Details
Katie Eakes Katie Eakes curlyktp@yahoo.com Details
Katmai “Bra”cks Jamie Parliment (not published) Details
Kiss & Makeup Ali Hansen (not published) Details
Ladies in Motion Mari Rueter mari.rueter@gmail.com Details
Legendary Syverlaine Stacey Mikestaced@yahoo.com Details
Let Every Woman Know Tessa Ely leteverywomanknow@gmail.com Details
Linfield78 Gerianne Thorsness (not published) Details
Lydia Jane Jane Sullivan jane.sullivan@alaska.gov Details
M&M Running Squad Dana Burgan 4burgansinal@gmail.com Details
Maniilaq Association Dawn Richard dawn.richard@maniilaq.org Details
Matsu Courtney martin (not published) Details
Meandering Melons Ryleigh Wrobel (not published) Details
Medical Park Gabriella Simmons gsimmons@mpfcak.com Details
Medics Marching for Milk Ducts Rachel Kennedy redkennedy15@gmail.com Details
michelle weston michelle weston chief@girdwoodfire.com Details
Mighty Medievalers of Eskalya Amanda Kratochvil amanda@kratochvils.com Details
Molly Malones Ann Sugrue amsugrue@gmail.com Details
Moms on the Run Kerri Wood aknamaw@gmail.com Details
Mystical Creatures Suzanne Taylor suzannet601@gmail.com Details
Northwest Arctic: Maklaks and Miluks Albie Dallemolle thedallemolles@gmail.com Details
Not Today, Cancer Jane Couser traininjane@gmail.com Details
P.E.O. Q-tees Donna Steinfort d.steinfort@att.net Details
Pink It Up Tia’Rashell Karella-Weikert trmkarella@gmail.com Details
Pink Ladies of Anchorage Shelli Vandiver (not published) Details
Pink Power Rangers Jamie Johnston-Eddy (not published) Details
Pioneer Peak Orthopedic Surgery Liz Scott liz@pioneerpeak.com Details
Providence Imaging Center Eseta Poulivaati (not published) Details
Ptarmigan Ptata’s Autumn D Cole autydcole@gmail.com Details
Rack Pack Marie Westphal (not published) Details
Ravens' Roost Chicks Kate Lehn (not published) Details
Razzle Dazzle Janine Leist Jleist@gci.net Details
REALTORS® for Racks Brittany Burke 907ypn@gmail.com Details
Run for Rachael Steph Adler sadler1587@gmail.com Details
Run with Grace - Aamaq Power Nancy n_alstrom@yahoo.com Details
Run4Joy Jessica CrispJe25@gmail.com Details
Running for Joy! Rebekah Annett (not published) Details
Save Second Base Rebecca Sparks rebeccasparks@gci.net Details
Script Squad Nicole Phillips nfreund12@gmail.com Details
Sigma Sprinters Sue Camasi sfcamasi@alaska.edu Details
Smith's Cleaning Services Summer Smith cleanbysmith@yahoo.com Details
Snowy Owls Maggie Price alaskaprice@gmail.com Details
Sondra McCotter Sondra McCotter sondra_marie@hotmail.com Details
Speedy Speechies Rebecca Sumrall sumrall_rebecca@asdk12.org Details
Stars Galore Susan Briscoe FarNorthChapterNo4@gmail.com Details
Stoel Rives Racers Amy Devereux amy.devereux@stoel.com Details
Strong Women Carol Hoblitzell cahoblitzell@aol.com Details
Su Geiermann’s Pink Firemen Brittany Quesnell (not published) Details
Super Swedes Maeve Watkins (not published) Details
Sweetheart cakes and cookies Lisa Menapace Sweetheartcakesandcookies@gmail.com Details
T-1 Sue Johnson scjohnson@gci.net Details
Talk the Walk Sharon Holland (not published) Details
TAPS Health Bees Katriina Timm (not published) Details
Team Babe Ruthy Ruth E Anderson bows@gci.net Details
Team Bee Loretta’s Englishbee (not published) Details
Team Claudia Roldán Karina Witwer (not published) Details
Team Glittericious Patty Clem (not published) Details
Team Holley Jessica Cochran jcochran@akbh.org Details
Team Norma, Breast Friends. Cami Ramirez (not published) Details
Team PCA Mary Ann Foland maryannf@gci.net Details
Team Phyllis Ashley Webb (not published) Details
Team R&M Christine White (not published) Details
TEAM SUSITNA Jane Buskirk jlbuskirk@mtaonline.net Details
Team Tina Tina Powers team_tina@outlook.com Details
Tenacious TaTas Kimberly Buskirk (not published) Details
Texas Roadhouse South Bev Hogan bev.txrh@gmail.com Details
The Alaska Club Yvonne Jeschke yjeschke@thealaskaclub.com Details
The Cha Cha Cha Sisters' Breast Defenders Paola Banchero paolabanchero@gmail.com Details
The Golden Ruhl's Ashley Ruhl (not published) Details
The Pink Meanies Race Robertson (not published) Details
The St. Elias Juggernauts Kelsey Boardman and Catherine Steele kelsey.coolidge@providence.org Details
Thompson Law Girlies Pennelopy Pennelopy@icloud.com Details
Tig ol' Biddies Seen So (not published) Details
Tina Chapman Tina Chapman (not published) Details
Tooth Tatas Olivia Crane olive.bearmoose@gmail.com Details
TOPS AK0048 Christine Stanford cbstanford@gmail.com Details
Treasured Chests Cassie Kosinski (not published) Details
True North Rosalyn Singleton rosalynsingleton2@gmail.com Details
Tutus for Tatas Jean Nicole Walker walker.jn@gmail.com Details
United Together for Community Nyabony Gat ngat@alaskaliteracyprogram.org Details
USPHS Julie Witmer julie.m.witmer@gmail.com Details
Violet Vavooms Jessica L Willis jlwillis3@hotmail.com Details
WALK IT OUT Carol Hoblitzell cahalaska@gmail.com Details
Walkers for Knockers Lisa Friesen ltfriesen@aol.com Details
Walkers for Knockers AK Charlie Hansen Kressc@gmail.com Details
Walking United for the Community Marisol Vargas mvargas@alaskaliteracyprogram.org Details
Wandering Women Laura Vidrine Pastafermata@aol.com Details
Wells Fargo Wonder Women Nicolle Welch nicolle.welch@wellsfargo.com Details
Winning Together Alexa Stallone (not published) Details
Women of the World Anna Bryant anna_bryant@hotmail.com Details
Women Treading Water Cynthia Tripp Johnson Azurewild@gmail.com Details